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Григорий Лепс

Sail Away

Gm If you're driftin' on an empty ocean Gm With no wind to fill your sail, Gm The future, your horizon, Gm It's like searchin' for the holy grail. You feel there's no tomorrow as you look into the water below. It's only your reflection and you still ain't got no place to go. B G C B G C Time will show, when, I don't know. Chorus: Gm Gm Gm Gm Sail away tomorrow, sailin' far away. Gm Gm C G B To find it steal or borrow, I'll be there someday. Oh, woman, I keep returnin To sing the same old song. The story's been told, now I'm gettin' old. Tell me, where Do I belong? feel like I'm goin' to surrender, Nard times I've had enough. If I could find a place to hide my face, I believe, I could get back up. Time will show, when, I don't know. Chorus x3
25.06.2020 111